U.S. Naval Gaming

The mission of U.S. Naval Gaming:

  1. Facilitate communication and coordination of U.S. players of Naval Action.
  2. Help new U.S. players become better players and strengthen team play.
  3. Develop U.S. national leadership.
  4. Increase the power of the U.S. nation to conquer ports and achieve national goals and objectives.

Welcome Visitor to U.S. Naval Gaming!

At this point you are a civilian and you are welcome look around the top deck of Naval Gaming, however to go below decks and view or participate in operations, you must start your Naval Gaming career as an Ensign.

As a Naval Gaming officer, your career will be a game played in parallel to your game in Naval Action. Naval Gaming is designed to enhance your Naval Action experience, adding depth and facilitating your play with other U.S. players.

Click on Insignia to see all the ranks and ribbons that can be achieved in the course of your Naval Gaming career. We will be continuously adding missions and ribbons to make you career fulfilling and fun!

Obtaining your commission as Ensign of Naval Gaming is a two step process:

  1. Register using the same in-game name you use in Naval Action.
  2. Obtain an invitation code from a current Naval Gaming player.

After you have registered, visit the Quarterdeck to receive instructions on how to get an invitation code.