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Imperial Society of Shellbacks

It is hereby declared that all Pollywogs who brave the deep and come before Davy Jones and declare themselves worthy to be admitted into the Imperial Society of Shellbacks shall receive a Certificate from @Admiral of the Navy KingNeptune if Davy Jones is convinced of said worthiness.

To convince Davy Jones, a brave and loyal Officer of Naval Gaming must produce screenshots that clearly show said Officer at the entrances to:

Swannsborough in the North
Saint Joseph in the East
Dariena in the South
Tampico in the West

Having been convinced, Davy Jones (or any trusted Officer of Naval Gaming) will recommend that @Admiral of the Navy KingNeptune admit the intrepid officer into the Imperial Society of Shellbacks and issue a certificate of declaration.

So be it, by order of the Admiral of the Navy @Admiral of the Navy KingNeptune.

2019-05-16 12:38:22

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