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What are your Watch Squadrons all about?

What are your Watch Squadrons all about?

2019-06-22 20:30:48

One of the biggest challenges we face as a nation is the problem of coordination in time. There is game time (GMT) and there is the local time of each player, and they are all different. We have U.S. players around the world, each in their own time zone.

The watch system is set up to try and simplify this problem.

A day is divided into six 4-hour watches in GMT, so, when you ask a player, "What time do you most often play?" instead of getting an answer like "9am to 10am Pacific time" and then having to do the math to translate that into your local time, the answer could be "5th watch" and if I know what watch I normally play in, it's easier to coordinate.

The watch squadrons are set up with their own message boards (watch logs) to help with coordination and communication.

2019-06-23 05:24:37

Good Ideal

2019-06-23 07:49:45

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