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My simple AI boarding method works every time

Here is my method for successfully boarding and capturing AI ships. This may not be the optimal method, but it's simple and it works for me.

1. Never board unless you have more crew than the AI. In small ships a 10 crew numeric advantage seems to suffice. Keep up speed and maneuver to prevent the AI from boarding you.

2. Once boarding begins, use only Brace and Fire Deck Guns. Brace seems to minimize losses and Fire Deck Guns seems to get the most kills.

3. Use the bracket keys "[" and "]" to fire your guns into the AI ship while boarding. Fire grape shot if the AI has less than 30% armor on the side your firing into. This is where you have a huge advantage over AI because the AI doesn't fire back while boarding.

4. When morale is reduced to zero, press Attack to finish off the AI.

Board the AI on the side that has the least armor because grape is very effective at killing crew when there is no armor.

During boarding, you can change from ball to grape. So if necessary, start with ball to reduce the armor (you will also get come crew kills in the process).

I have never lost to AI using this method.

2019-06-15 09:47:54

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