LieutenantJG is the second junior officer rank and is the first promotion that a new player receives in a Naval Gaming career.

Promotion to this rank indicates that the player is confirmed as a U.S. Naval Action player in good standing.

Promotion Mission:

Please answer the following questions:

-- Do you have Teamspeak?

-- In which watch do you play most? At Naval Gaming we divide the day into six watches:

First Watch 0000-0400 GMT
Second Watch 0400-0800 GMT
Third Watch 0800-1200 GMT
Fourth Watch 1200-1600 GMT
Fifth Watch 1600-2000 GMT
Sixth Watch 2000-2400 GMT

Join a battle with one other Naval Gaming player and post a screenshot(s) clearly showing the following:

1. The U.S. flag flying from your ship.
2. Your in-game name (character name).
3. The name of the other player you are joining in battle.


-- Press f12 to take a Steam screenshot.
-- Press tab to show the list of players in battle.
-- Feel free to ask for help in Scuttlebutt.